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EZRound Key Features and Benefits



EZRound is the fastest and easiest way to create HTML tables and forms that have rounded corners or other special effects.

You donít have to be a technical person, a graphics guru or a website genius to succeed.

Creating a design in EZRound is an amazingly simple and very visual process.

All you have to do is pick the menu choices that look good to you.

EZRound will do the rest!


Now how hard
can that be?





Get immediate gratification

When you select a new setting or make a change in the designer, the sample image is instantly updated to show you the results of your decision. What you see is what you get - all the time.  In EZRound, there are no surprises.

You can color your world!

Donít be shy about color.

For those folks who need to see their colors, you can use the color pick controls to simply select what looks good to you.


For those designers who need to get serious about color you can just type in the color that you want for a perfect match every time!


This is not a toy or a simple table maker!

EZRound may look over simplified and well - FUN to use. Donít let that fool you for an instant.  This is a highly tuned precision graphics engine that was built for one specific task. A lot of hard work went into the design of this product so you would not have to work hard to have superior results.

No matter how you cut it - EZRound gets the job done!

EZRound automatically calculates the sizes needed to slice your image. When you are ready to export your work, you just press the key and it is done! 

However there are times when you want to fine tune your slices for a particular task (or when you have imported a custom graphic from another program such as Photoshop or PaintShop). When you need to take personal control over the slicing, EZRound lets you make precision cuts and still stay in control.

See it in the real light!

Anytime that you want to get a real idea of what your design is going to look like in the real world, just press the F11 key!  EZRound will slice your design, write the precision HTML to display it and load it in the integrated web browser.  You can even control how it will display (such as adding wallpaper) so you can simulate your working environment.


In the integrated browser you can change views (such as with a lot of text or photos or even see the raw HTML that makes it all happen.

Work in your own element!

Sometimes we all like to work with tools that we are comfortable with. The folks who built EZRound understand that. If your favorite graphics tool is Photoshop or PaintShop Pro or XaraX ... use it! Then when it is time to take your art and use it in constructing a table or form, just import it into EZRound! Nothing could be easier. You have total control over the slicing and EZRound will even remember the way you sliced the image and repeat it if you reload the image.

When your finished and export your work, EZRound will slice your design image, name and save your files (and you WILL love the way it names the files and organizes your projects) and even write HTML container code. You can use the code ďas isĒ by inserting your own content, or simply take the image slices and use them in another program.


EZRound - nothing could be easier!



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