EZRound Tabbed Navigation

Got Fusion?
EZRound makes it simple for you to add new life to the site styles that ship with NetObjects Fusion (or any other web design product).

This regular site style has been enhanced by replacing the buttons with ones created in EZRound to look like tabs. This background image is a single slice export of our EZRound design.

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All the new buttons and background images were created by EZRound.
( NOTE: Only two buttons and one background image were needed to create this effect )

To create our new site style we selected one that we liked and duplicated it as a new site style in NOF.
This allowed us to modify it without making changes to the original design. Our new button images were simply placed in the IMAGES folder for our new site style and we changed the site style settings to use the new button images.

First we used a color picking tool (ours was from ColorImpact software - www.tigercolor.com ) to select the colors from the original NetObjects style.

Then we used EZRound to create and export the tab shaped buttons in two colors (the same size as the originals), but with no shadow or accent band.   We used the FORMAT button in NOF to set a border on three sides to complete our tabbed page effect!

The entire process took only a few minutes and it made a fantastic difference in the look and feel of this website design!

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