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This tutorial shows you how to use EZRound to add a rounded corner border to all the web pages in a site and to automatically center them in all browsers.

It is written using NetObjects Fusion as a guideline, but the principals in regards to how EZRound works are the same for all web design programs.

The HTML generated by EZRound is simply sliced in half.

One half is placed just inside the <body> tag (before anything else) and the other half is placed just before the </body> tag closes.


This is a simplified example of the end result:


    “First half of EZRound generated container code”

    Your web page content

    “Second half of EZRound generated container code”



This allows the EZRound design to serve as a “container” for the entire web page and to automatically control centering in all browsers.

Note: If you are using a tool like DreamWeaver you can simply split the code generated by EZRound and insert it directly into the HTML. Click here for details on where to split the code (just ignore the details about putting it into NetObjects Fusion).


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