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How to create this website design

About this tutorial

The goal of this tutorial is to take a standard NetObjects Fusion site style and convert it into a centered design with all of the pages enclosed in a rounded corner border.

This tutorial was developed with NetObjects Fusion Version 7.5 but the techniques it uses work fine with all versions from 7 to 9.

If you are not a NetObjects Fusion user, the methods for adding the EZRound images will not apply to you, but the techniques for creating a web page that is centered in all browsers and has a rounded container are the same.  Click here or see the “How it works” menu option on the left.


NetObjects Fusion Specific Notes

  • The steps to Import the EZRound image slices and mark them as “Always Publish” in NOF are requiredDO NOT SKIP THESE STEPS.  Even if you are using the new “Universal NOF Import Tutorial” you still need these steps for the “Centered” page effect to work (since the HTML that links these images is external to NOF).
  • When using the techniques in this tutorial you do NOT need to select the NOF option to center pages and you do NOT need to add the <center></center> tags to your web pages. The placement of the EZRound design in the MasterBorder takes care of this for you.
  • This tutorial assumes you are using the default “Publish by Asset Type” setting in NetObjects Fusion.  If you are using another method you will need to manually adjust the paths to the image slices to reflect it.


Using the tutorial

This tutorial is divided into sections to make it easy for you to use.

Depending on your familiarity with EZRound and NetObjects Fusion you may be able to skip ahead to save time.

If you have any problems replicating these results with your own website, you should start over and complete all the steps in sequence.

It is also recommended that you try this method on a test website design until you see how it works and that you back up your production work when adding this effect to existing websites.


Not a replacement for the manual

This tutorial covers all the steps needed to get the job done, but it is NOT a replacement for reading the manual or looking at the program screens.  Trying to cover all the operation details of EZRound is beyond the scope of this document.


Click here (or use the buttons on the left) to begin the tutorial


Copyright Notice

This entire tutorial is Copyright ©2006-2015 by LANSRAD - All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized reproduction on a website with out permission is not allowed


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