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NetObject Fusion Tutorials

The tutorials in this section are designed for users of the NetObjects Fusion website design software.

Universal Import Tutorial for NOF users

We are pleased to introduce a new method for importing your EZRound designs directly into NOF. This new method is fast and easy to implement. It also puts NOF in charge of the EZRound file resources so the image slices are managed automatically.

Click here to see this tutorial.

Note: the other methods of using EZRound content with NOF are still shown in case you prefer to use one of them.

Centered Page Tutorial for NOF users

Click here to learn  how to use EZRound to:

  • Create a color matched EZRound design
  • Add a round border to all web pages
  • Center all web pages regardless of what browser is used to view the website
  • There are other tutorials on the left side menu.

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