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 New tutorial on full page rounded corner borders!

EZRound:  Web Graphics Designer

NEW: Direct Links to Popular Examples and Tutorials

  • Universal Import tutorial for NOF 7.5 to NOF 11 (more)
  • How to center your entire website in an EZRound design (more)
  • Using EZRound to create CSS based layout designs (more)

EZRound is the fastest, easiest way for anyone to add special effects to a website:

In just minutes YOU can:

  • Create Rounded Corner HTML Tables
  • Add Drop Shadows
  • Add Other Special Effects

You can also create matching unsliced images for use as a banner, button or to use as the background on a FORM, DIV or smaller TABLE.

Everyone is an instant expert!
No experience, artistic talent or other graphic
software is needed! ( tell me more )

The world has round corners...

The world has round corners.  Now your website can too!

Now your website can too!

The banner, graphics and buttons on this website were all created by EZRound!

Click the Site Styles button to see sample website designs where EZRound was used to enhance the standard site styles that ship with NetObjects Fusion. Special effects like a rounded “EndCap” effect on the navigation bars and “Tab Style” navigation. These effect just took a few minutes to create!

( you can even create special shaped designs like this one! )

EZRound is compatible with modern computer hardware and these operating systems:

  • Windows 7 - 32/64 bit versions
  • Windows Vista - 32/64 bit versions
  • Windows 2000/2003/2005/2008
  • Windows XP

EZRound works with NetObjects Fusion Version 7.0 to Version 12 and most other website design software.

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