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New Version 3.0

Windows 7 Compatible

Includes PNG Support
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 New tutorial on full page rounded corner borders!

Download EZRound

EZRound 3.0 is available for download now
( Click here for release details )

After you have EZRound 3.0 installed you can use the “Check for updates” option under the help menu to make sure you have the latest version at any time.

NOTE: If you have an older version of EZRound installed and want to upgrade to this version, you will need to download the full version of EZRound 3.0 and install it. You will also need a new registration code - older codes will NOT work with version 3.0.

About the 14 day Free Trial

This download of EZRound is a full working copy that will run for 14 days. However unless you have a registration key (provided via e-mail upon purchase) your design will have a small watermark on each corner image.  You can save your designs and you will be able to reopen them and export them after you enter the registration data.

EZRound is Virus and Spyware Free

We scan every build of EZRound with the latest Virus and Spyware protection software.  Our software is also digitally signed with the Omega Business Systems digital certificate. If you are downloading our software directly from our website and see our signature presented, then it is safe to open and operate.

EZRound has been tested on: Windows 7 (32/64), Windows Vista ( 32/64), Windows 2000/2003/2005/2008 and Windows XP.  EZRound 3.0 is Code Signed, Manifested and fully UAC compliant (according to Microsoft Guidelines).

Click this link (or copy the line below to your browser) to download EZRound 3.0 from:

EZRound 2.1 is still available for download (for anyone who does not upgrade) from:

If you have any problems with our download - Please Contact Us

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