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Frequently Asked Questions...

Below are frequently asked questions about EZRound

Q: What versions of NetObjects Fusion does EZRound work with?

A: EZRound is being used with NOF versions from 7.0 through the new version 12.  There were some issues with 7.0 (relative to how NOF worked), but these were all worked out in NOF 7.5. We have countless NOF users on all versions!


Q: Does EZRound generate valid HTML code?

A: YES! - all the code generated by EZRound program passes validation. You can upload the test code to and see this for yourself.


Q: Does EZRound work on Windows 7 and Vista?

A: YES! - EZRound 3 ships with a Windows 7/Vista aware installer.  EZRound runs on both the 64 bit and the 32 bit versions of each OS.


Q: How do I get PNG or GIF instead of JPG file for the image slices?

A: EZRound will automatically create PNG or GIF files if you have selected the option to make the background color transparent. Otherwise JPG files are produced.  You should only use the transparent option if you are placing your EZRound design over a patterned background. 

If you have a solid color background - enter that and make sure you do NOT select the transparent option.  This will enable EZRound to “blend” any shadow colors out further away from the edge of the design (resulting in better “feathering” of the shadow).


Q: I am reinstalling the program and my registration code says that it is invalid.  What should I do?

A: Make sure that you have the most recent registration code. Nine times out of ten this problem is the result of either not installing a new code when it was sent to you or from trying to install an old code.

If you purchased an older version of EZRound and are now installing Version 3, you will need a new registration code. Users who are entitled to a free upgrade will receive an
E-Mail with the new code.  Other users will need to purchase an upgrade.


Q: My code has expired and I can’t paste the four lines from the E-mail (as per the original instructions).

A: If your evaluation copy has expired, then you will have to copy/paste the NAME and then the CODE one item at a time into the spaces provided. The other two of the four lines are not needed in this mode.


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