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 New tutorial on full page rounded corner borders!

How EZRound Works

EZRound lets you make simple selections from menu options to create stunning graphical designs. Then it automatically slices the images into sections for you and even writes the HTML needed to use them as container for your web content.

EZRound will also export your design in any size so you can quickly create matching banners, buttons or us it as a background image for a FORM, DIV, or small TABLE.

EZRound live previewLive Preview

EZRound delivers a live preview of your design and lets you see changes instantly as you make them. 

This makes the process very visual and as a result the entire process only takes a few minutes.

There are also over 70 “ready to use” designs that ship with EZRound so you can load one and use it or easily customize it to make it your own.



Creating a new design is easy!

EZRound shape selectorStep 1.

Select the shape that you want to create.

EZRound makes this is as easy as clicking an option button.

You can also set the amount of rounding for any round corners in your design.

EZRound gives you precision control over the design process so it is easy to get just the effect that your looking for.







EZRound shadow selectorStep 2.

Select the shadow.

Sometimes it is nice to add a shadow to your design.

EZRound makes this as simple as selecting the direction that the shadow will fall away from the design.

You can also control the width of the shadow, its density and even pad the design to separate it from other elements on your web page.






EZRound color selectorStep 3.

Select the colors.

EZRound gives you total control over colors.

This means that you can design effects that will blend perfectly with the other elements of your web page.

You can even set the background color to match your web page so that when a drop shadow effect is used it will blend right into your design.






EZRound accent band selectorStep 4.

Add Accent Band

EZRound also lets you add special effects like an Accent Band (a small band of a different color inset into your design to make it stand out).

As always you are in complete control of the color, band thickness and position.








The accent band can add a nice touch to your design!

Sample EZRound design with an accent band

When you are satisfied with your design, you click the export button, provide a name for the exported design and EZRound does all the hard work for you.

EZRound slices the images for youThe image for your design is created, sliced into segments, optimized for the Internet and the HTML to use the design as a container for web content is created for you.

Life is in the details...

EZRound takes care of all the messy details like file naming and organization and it even creates HTML code so you can preview your finished design later at any time.

You even have an option to make a second copy the image slices and HTML to a working folder of your web design software so that the assets are ready to import and use in that program.

Looking for a single slice?

You can use the new EZSingle option to create a unsliced version of your design for use as a banner, button or as the background for a FORM, DIV or TABLE, that is easy too.

You just specify the height and width of the image you want to create and EZRound does all the work for you.  The image is created, optimized for the web and named with the width and height as part of the filename so you can tell different sized images apart at a glance.


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