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 New tutorial on full page rounded corner borders!

EZRound Release Notes

Some software developers are afraid (or ashamed) to tell you about changes or bug fixes in their programs. We’re not. We are proud of the fact that we listen to our customers hen they report problems (large or small) and also when they make feature requests to help us make our program better.

Version 3.0 Changes

  1. The EZRound installer is now a Windows 7 aware installer and the EZRound program is now manifested for Windows 7/Vista/2000/XP.
  2. Changed default location of files created by EZRound to "My Documents\EZRound" for compliance with Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7.
  3. Added user option to change the location of files created by EZRound.
  4. Added support for exporting image slices as PNG files with transparent backgrounds.
  5. Added option to open Windows Explorer to the folder where EZRound files are saved.
  6. Updated EZRound.ERT file and added single quotes around background image name to fix problem with IE8.
  7. Added feature to the HTML splitter of the Export Manager for NetObjects Fusion users that will modify the path of the generated HTML based on a selection that the code is being used on the HOME page, or on OTHER pages.  The feature is DISABLED by default for non-NetObjects Fusion users.
  8. Fixed [BT#3] Shape gets distorted in preview at times ( Ex: New project, round rectangle shape, preview ).
  9. Changed entry field fonts for better support of ClearType fonts.

Version 2.1 Changes

  1. The EZRound installer is now a Windows Vista aware installer.
  2. Updated the EZRound templates so that the code generated passes W3C XHTML validation ( )
  3. Fixed small bug where Shadow Width and Shadow Padding were not being zeroed out when "No Shadow" was selected.
  4. Other minor cosmetic and functional improvements

Version 2.0 Changes

  1. Added new EZSingle feature (the ability to produce a single slice image from the design to use in small FORM, DIV or TABLES).
  2. Added new Smart Slice feature to produce the smallest sized slices for each side of the design
  3. Added new Folder Echo option (copies exported files to a second "work folder" for easy import into other software).
  4. Added new option on export to bypass opening the Windows Explorer folder
  5. Updated tutorials for new features and added new NOF tutorials. 
  6. Fixed a few minor cosmetic details.
  7. Fixed minor bug where default setting for background transparency was not saved with project file.

Version 1.6.3 Changes

  1. This update installs newer versions of several controls used in EZRound and should provide performance enhancements.

Version 1.6.2 Changes

  1. Fixed a few very minor bugs and some cosmetic details
  2. Updated EZRound HTML help file and added new tutorial for
    Microsoft FrontPage users
  3. Upgraded Program Update Engine
  4. Added Flash movies on EZRound features and using EZRound


Version 1.6.1 Changes

  1. Redesigned the program output and template files for XHTML compatibility
  2. Added paste from clipboard buttons to HTML color controls. These buttons look for a valid HTML color and paste it into the control
  3. Fixed small bug where wallpaper change would not clear "No Wallpaper" message
  4. Fixed problem where "Click Here to Visit the EZRound Website" was trying to go to and invalid URL since the page had been renamed to a PHP page
  5. Fixed bug where a user could not select a file from the import menu and the design menu would be turned off
  6. Removed redraw and slice of default image if user started to open a file then canceled the process
  7. Improved the registration screen paste feature to automatically detect the name or key (in addition to when both parts are on the clipboard) and place them in the correct field
  8. Changed table shape selector so that when you select a square shape that the corner size is automatically set to zero
  9. Added context sensitive help to the general sections of EZRound
  10. Added tutorials from the EZRound website to the distributed help files
  11. Added a link to the help menu for the online tutorials at the EZRound website


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