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 New tutorial on full page rounded corner borders!

Enhanced NetObjects Site Styles

EZRound gives you the power to enhance the standard site styles that ship with NetObjects Fusion (or any other website development tool).

In just a few minutes EZRound can help you turn your old tired site styles into dazzling new creations!

Simply by using our new EZSingle feature to create banners and buttons that match your EZRound design you can give your website a completely new look and feel.


SAMPLES: ( click the links below to open as a new page )

Sample 1 - Using EZRound to create an EndCap Navigation Bar effect

Sample 2 - Using EZRound to create a Tabbed Navigation effect

Expect this area to change and grow constantly as we add new EZRound designs and ideas on how to use them.  Our goal is not to have all the endless possibilities on display, but rather to give you some ideas on the wide range of designs you can create.

We welcome submissions and ideas from our users.

Please contact us for information on how to submit them.

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