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New Version 3.0

Windows 7 Compatible

Includes PNG Support
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 New tutorial on full page rounded corner borders!

What's New in EZRound 3.0

EZRound 3.0 is a significant update to the program.

Along with a number of small fixes and other enhancements, this new version has the following features:

  • New Windows 7 manifest and installer.
    EZRound is now fully compliant with Microsoft guidelines for programs running on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. 
  • PNG Graphics Support
    EZRound can now export image slices in PNG graphics format.  This allows for a better range of color on transparent images than the GIF format.

    PNG Graphics Support
  • New Export Manager
    EZRound has a new Export Manager that opens after you export your design.  This feature makes it simple to copy all or part of the HTML container to the Windows clipboard. 

    It also has a built-in HTML splitter that splits the HTML container into two parts to make it easy to wrap the generated code around your web content.  This is very useful for creating the centered page effect.

    NetObjects Fusion users will enjoy the ability to modify the image paths of the generated code in the HTML container with a single click. This makes it easy to adjust for differences in file locations for the HOME page vs the OTHER pages that are published in the HTML folder without manually editing the HTML container.

The EZRound Export Manager

If you are using an older version of EZRound, this is one upgrade that you won’t want to miss!


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